Shows this weekend


Friday 12/14

At Charleston with Dolly Varden.  Smoke-free holiday goodness.  2076 N. Hoyne.  10pm or thereabouts.  Free.  Beer is available.  But it’s not free.  Unless someone buys it for you.  But then is it really free?  Feel free to buy me a beer.


Saturday 12/15

I’ll be playing solo at Uncommon Ground.  I’ll be in the middle slot between the talent sandwich of Eric Chial (Bon Mots) and John Luckhaupt (Catsplash!).

We should be underway around 9pm.

3800 n. clark street . chicago, il . 773-929-3680

I’ve got some new songs to play and some favorite covers to croon.

Come around.


I’m OK, you’re UK

I’ve just returned home from 10 shows in 10 days touring the UK with my mates in Dolly Varden.

Steve Diane & Mike atop Cardiff Castle





We spent hours traveling through and enjoying beautiful cities, countrysides, islands and towns.

May Peace Prevail On Earth





We met amazing, warm and open-hearted people in every town we visited.

Bill & Wendie Lewis host Dolly Varden 23 Oct 2007 Ian and Carolyn Fox hosting Dolly Varden - 24 Oct 2007





We played our music to people who responded with great enthusiasm and rewarded us with their hard-earned dollars, queuing up for autographs and bestowing upon us kind words.

When we broke bread with them and took shelter in their hospitable homes, we remembered how much in common we all have. All striving to do something meaningful and provide for and protect our family, friends and fellow creatures.

I mercifully lacked time and access to my usual world news sources and e-mail and when I had all of 60 minutes in a internet cafe to catch up on things, I realized things hadn’t changed much.

Everything’s still completely fucked.

A quick check-in with the blogroll, let’s try Glenn Greenwald and .. yep .. the warmongers and propagandists are still turning up the heat as high as it will go. Bush Administration lackeys continue to disembowel consumer agencies and the Justice Department. Blackwater skirts accountability. Orwell .. you were a goddamn genius.

I’m glad I traveled overseas. It was a nice little reminder that there’s sensible people across the pond who are disgusted with their leaders too. And they’re just like you and me. Looking to get by, treat others with respect and do the right thing.


Come Around

to some Dolly Varden shows this month, my eastern friends.

My band mates and I are traveling your way. We’ve got lots of new material to share and it’s not exactly an annual pilgrimage at this point so come on out and support an honest-to-goodness grassroots musical entity.

Say hello, share your stories, and help make our road drummer, Jimmy, feel welcome.

If you’re looking for me .. I’ll be the guy out back .. howling at the moon …



Big record release show for our pals Frisbie this Saturday night at Double Door. Get your bad self in for free with a Pitchfork fest ticket stub.

Their new record is terrific. If you’re like me and grew up on Cheap Trick, Shoes, Off Broadway and all things midwest and powerpoppy, they bring the goods.

Dolly Varden opens and then I just may sneak up and join the headliners for a tune.

Join us, won’t you?

Weekend gigs

Friday at Twangfest in St. Louis with Dolly Varden. We’re on right before one of my longtime favorites, Graham Parker.

Sunday at Ribfest with Dolly Varden in Lincoln Square. 7pm. Steve reminds us all that ribs will likely be available at this event.

And an early warning that I’ll be playing downtown at 225 W. Washington from 11am-1pm on Wednesday, August 15th. I’ll try to get my jukebox pal Casey McDonough to join me for some lunchtime fun.

Gore, run

My bandmate Mike recently gave me these pics from our SXSW trip a few months back. Our gracious host took us on a sunset run to feed the seven longhorn cattle she keeps on her land. Being a city boy, I’d never spent much time around these creatures so it took some goading to get me to open the door and act like I was a serious adult at the petting zoo. Brave Sir Mika had my back so I gave it a try.

Old MarkDonaldIt’s one thing to toss a few food pellets so that they keep their distance, happily munching, but if you don’t throw enough food quickly, they start getting a little closer. And a bit closer. And, “Oh! Look how cute Mark appears, hand-feeding the cattle!”

Yay, fun. Especially since they don’t realize that a nonchalant turn of the head to maneuver closer is about to lead to my innards getting disemboweled.

Whoa, Nellie!I survived. Resisted the urge to jump back in the vehicle.

Until the food ran out.

I think I’ll stick to feeding the neighborhood squirrels.