On Thursdays we take a break from gerunds

and announce that we’ll be posting new material will arrive soon.

A brand new song will be uploaded in a matter of days (there’s a sly out) here and to iTunes, a batch of videos will arrive, and we’ll be tweaking the layout here to focus more on the stacks of wax, relocating the blog portion to the periodicals section.

But let’s spin this one to let the day begin:

“Let The Day Begin”

The Call

Let The Day Begin

Coming soon

I’ve been promising new songs for a good while now.

Get ready for a summer sunshower deluge.   My brother will be spooling up the reels on his newly acquired 24-track 2″ tape machine shortly and we’ll get all the sad stories, happy happenstance, groovy guitars and airy analog vibe we can stuff on there.

One compressed digital squeeze to deliver it to you here for your listening pleasure and maybe you’ll be so entranced you’ll send us some green so we can lovingly stamp it all onto some black vinyl for the whole experience.  Retro, my ass.  Do it right or don’t do it at all, Joe would say.