New Favorite Song

My brother turned me onto this record.  80s/90s R&B cat reinvents himself as a Motown-inspired hybrid of Smokey Robinson & Stevie Wonder with a dash of Sam Cooke, a foot in the present and an ear to the future.

Buy this thing and let yourself go.  You’ll dance, you’ll sing, you’ll smile.  You might even choke up a little like me.

I keep playing this cut, “Sometimes”, over and over and over and over lately.

I think about this coming Tuesday and I pause …

I’m excited yet guarded.  I’ve got a feeling of cautious relief.  There’s embers of hope but still ..

such a long .. long .. long way to go.

Get Ready



Raphael Saadiq

On Thursdays we take a break from gerunds

and announce that we’ll be posting new material will arrive soon.

A brand new song will be uploaded in a matter of days (there’s a sly out) here and to iTunes, a batch of videos will arrive, and we’ll be tweaking the layout here to focus more on the stacks of wax, relocating the blog portion to the periodicals section.

But let’s spin this one to let the day begin:

“Let The Day Begin”

The Call

Let The Day Begin