Random Soundchecks

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Check 1, 2 .. check

County seats, WLUP, and cheap sunglasses.

Counting Wertmans, Vardens, and Happy Birthday, Rob Crowe!

Late September, mandolins, and Happy Birthday, Josh Berman and Micheal Dougherty!

Cowboys, cousins, and Happy Birthday, Tony Barnett and Erik Ring!

Radney and Bill and Mark and me.

Push beats, Farrenheit, and let the music do the talking.

Eddie, take me away, and Jimmy One-Note.

Vote Dems in, Pack the courts, Appoint human beings with empathy not ideology.

Missed dates, Liquid glass, and Ry Cooder.

Assolos, Familia Logica, and Happy Birthday, Deb Scherphorn!

Horny Total Pro, Hoot Night medley, and Happy Birthday, Max Crawford!

Spills, Chills, and Nuclear Valdez.

Laundromats, trumpets, & Happy Birthday, Eddie Carlson!

Cupid #1, Adam raised 4 pints, and Happy Birthday, Jen Coyle and Adam Kashuba!

History rhymes, It’s happening here, and Happy Birthday, Mariclair Kelly-Fitzgerald and Mary Lober!

Hey 19, Strap in, and git yer helmet on.

Sparks, High-heeled boys, and Happy Birthday, Michael Bennett and Jeremiah Vandermark!

Bowling, FMNH gypsy, and Happy Birthday, Carter O’Brien!

Staying Power, “Dicktown”, and Happy Birthday, Michael Hall!

Labor Day 2020, Solidarity ✊, & Happy Birthday, Julie Romanenghi!