Random Soundchecks

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Gary Richrath, Regis Philbin, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Fat Lady Sings, Alastair Artingstall, and it ain’t over yet.

Marky, Tommy, Dee Dee, Johnny, and Joey.

Doom, drums, and Happy Birthday, Mike Scales!

Michael Hutchence, band bros, and Happy Birthday, Jessica Ackley and Gregg Juhlin!

Neil Giraldo, Myron Grombacher, and ’82 MBTV Flashback!

Check 1, 2 .. check

Loose screws, no limiters, and Happy Birthday, Tommy Womack!

Stiv Bators!, BOMP!, and a Medicine Run!

Me, myself, and Happy Birthday, Allison Cara, ZJ Scherphorn, and Ellen Rosner!

Iggy Pop, Zero-sum, and Don’t be a dick.

Case of the Mondays.

Louvin Brothers, church, and Happy Birthday, Michael Booden!

Perennial bloomers, DJ DJ, and Happy Birthday, Dag Juhlin and Kathy Saigeon!

Jim Peterik’s garbage, boy rock, and TGIFT13th?

DV, MI, and Happy Birthday, Jim Summers and Mike Zelenko!

Singers, songwriters, and Happy Birthday, Liam Davis and John Englemann!

Strung out, KDHX, and Happy Birthday, John Wendland!

Hods, Gyros, and Happy Birthday, Matt Tiegler!

Darcy Wilkin, Hope, and “Time can be a healer.”

Kathleen Edwards, out with the old, and in with the new.

Sidewinders, Rubies, Bedroom dreamers, and loud fucking guitars.

Steve Forbert, good fortune, and Happy Birthday, Ken Coomer!

Count every vote, stand up and fight, and fuck fascists.

I won’t.

Mates, life, and Happy Birthday, Chris Balletto and Morgan Glier!