Random Soundchecks

Check .. 1, 2 .. check ..

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Elvis Costello, The Attractions, and a lot of fools.

My Record Player, transistors, and tubes.

Kenny Chesney, Casey Beathard, and Chris Wallin.

B.W. Stevenson, Daniel Moore, and flowers in his eyes.

B.W. Stevenson, Daniel Moore, and set my soul free.

Hombres, John Mellencamp, and preachments.

Laverne & Shirley, Cyndi Grecco, and The Ron Hicklin Singers.

Kinks, Ray Davies, and we can’t lose.

Kinks, Ray Davies, and hillbillies.

Bobby Darin, Tim Hardin, and tell the people everywhere.

Rest in Power Bill Russell 1934-2022 may your spirit shine brightly G.O.A.T.

The Church, zoos, and the weather is ridiculous.

Crowded House, Neil Finn, and feeling so much older.

Split Enz, Tim Finn, and the tyranny of distance.

Tom Cochrane, Red Rider, and something inside you.

Sarah McLachlan, Pierre Marchand, and it doesn’t mean much.

Bananarama, Jolley & Swain, and this heat.

Crickets, Buddy Holly, and Norman Petty.

Ricky Nelson, Jerry Fuller, and James Burton.