Random Soundchecks

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Henry Mancini, Huckleberry Friends, and Happy Birthday, Jon Dee Graham and Karen Ring!

Lionel Richie, Motown, and is it me you’re looking for?

Toto, Steve Lukather, and sound pressure.

George Harrison! Medicine run! And Happy Birthday, George Harrison!

Lyle Lovett, kiss my ass, and Happy Birthday, Cindy Gehant!

Aimee Mann, resignation and acceptance, and Happy Birthday, Stephanie Reynolds!

Blue waters and black moonlit nights.

Radio, records, and hard promises.

Ron Sexsmith, covers, and Halyomorpha halys.

Squeeze, musical differences, and secret handshakes.

Paul Carrack, Ace singer, and Squeezing out Sparks.

The Crash Moderns, Fellow Kids, and Catchy Toons.

Travelers, Transcendos, and Happy Birthday, Jay Knight and Al Rose!

The J. Geils Band, Shoo doo wop, and Happy Birthday, Greg VanderMark!

Samentine, Senators, and Never Surrender Democracy.

Sam Cooke, Hamburg, and Frankenstein.

John Doe, John Hiatt, and Julie Christensen.

The Monkees, sing-along all peoplekind, and Happy Birthday, Anne Marie Dlutowski and Di Kulka!

Split Single, period correct drums, and Happy Birthday, Jason Narducy and Nichole Schroeder!

The Del Fuegos, The Zanes, and The Coffee.

Touring, life, and death.

Marshall Crenshaw, shakers, and super what?

Saxon, snow, and Happy Birthday, Allison Schein Holmes, Lara Ochoa Regan, and KC Worrall!

Musicians, composers, and Happy Birthday, Derek Fawcett!

“Beautiful Wreck” 2021-02-04 Random Soundcheck

The Posies, POWER pop, and Happy Birthday, Dolan McMillan and Meggean Ward!

John Hiatt, Grounddog Day, and Happy Birthday, Jo VanderChou!

Dolly Varden, Cemetary Plotz, and Happy Birthday, Jack Merkel!

Patty Griffin, bullying, and Happy Birthday, Tony Bradburn and Tony Sinicropi!

Eddie Money, David Lewark, and Gary Mallaber.

The Reconstructed, Notorious Hippie T, and Happy Birthday, Marty England and Johnny Spampinato!

King Mixer, hook factory, and Happy Birthday, Eric Howell!

Lloyd Cole, Fred Maher, and $2K NOW (for starters).

Matthew Sweet, “Girlfriend”, and HBA!

Musicians, friends, Happy Birthday, Paul Coady and Steve Gerlach, and RIP Joe Camarillo.