Random Soundchecks

Check 1, 2 .. check

Naive protest songs, self-doubt, & a “Come Around” outtake.

John Danver, 73 bars, & Happy Birthday, Frank Rosaly!

Listen or perish, same chords, & Happy Birthday, Lisa Degliantoni!

George Floyd RI✊

#pizzawednesday, love over gold, & Markus Oh,Really?!?us.

Toughskins, Mercurochrome, & HBL!

Suicide, Robocops, & a long, hot summer.

Shut up, play your guitar, stay in your lane.

Bring anything but your gun, wreckord reviews, & love and work.

STL cardinals, corned beef pastrami combo, & Happy Birthday, Todd Schnitzer!

Irish guitar players, Loopy McLoopster, & the stranger the better.

Glorious weather in Scranton, MOVE!, & Happy Birthday, Karie Marie!

The Masked Markrauder!, The World Needs Saving!, & Happy Birthday, Steve Krasinsky & John Kuczaj!

Missing “Firefly”, Spring floods, & Happy Birthday, Oliver Steck!

Mamas, Papas, day of rest.

S.P.A.C.E.Y. memories, revisionaries, & Happy Birthday, Gwen Robertson!

Burying treasure, cowpoke singalong, & Happy Belated Birthday, Janet Kashuba!

Muskrat luv, vehicular keyboards, & Happy Birthday, Aimee Corcoran!

Get Smart!, Ford Falcons, & Happy Birthday, Lisa Wertman Crowe!

Treatins, Markie Woo Woo, & Happy Birthday, Tamala Szyman!

Leftys & Rightys, cigarette girls, & Happy Birthday, Justin Avdek!

Word to all the muthas, & Happy Birthday, Jenny Mcelwain!

Bon jourvi, HBD, & RIP Jose.

Bike wrecks, Trainwrecks, & that band from Athens.

Beautiful weather, work to do, & FOMM.

Mr. Mark’s medicine meanderings, public shaming, & fembots!

Fans or friends, critics or comrades, & Happy Birthday, Jason Baldwin and Mark Caro!

Lit up from the inside, & Happy Birthday, Ian Fox!

Sunday evenings, municipal waste, & chimes of freedom.

May is for morchellas, Greg the groundhog, & HBK!


Petey greetey, care packages, & Twofer Thursday sort of.

Riding the storm out, self-care, & GOSLING BUTT!

Deer hunters, to fix or not, & Happy Birthday, Michael Whyte and Richard Pettengill!

Flock rock, Learning how to die, & Happy Birthday, David Sameshima!

American steal, poach stains, & MBT2020.

12 strings, Spring clean, who’s mean?

Horsey witch mixup, brothers.wav, & HBA!

We love you Jose, & Happy Birthday, Sarah Gross!

Tickling ivory, mental hygiene, & Happy Birthday, Alton Smith!

Jump away Renee, catalog store shopping, and self-love.

33 45 78

Don’t be afraid.

RSD 2020, Jay’s hands, & painful memories.

TGIF, #pnitn, my brother David and this is my other brother David, and Lathering up with Liam & Steve!

Mitten-idiots, almost did cut my hair, film mogul Stephen Mick really wanted The Black Keys, & Happy Birthday, Ian Moore!

Bass, Trouts, Kroozin’ Music, & Happy Birthday, Gordon Patriarca!

Uncle Safety’s C&C Medicine Factory Run! Teebs! Dog Bars! Music!

Monday, Barney Miller, & a roof over our heads.

Happy Easter, prog rock, and Yakety Fax.

Diane & Steve, Dag, XRT SMF, & Sam Cooke!

Diane Christiansen, Material Issue, IPO, grifters, & Happy Birthday, Jimmy Tomasello!

Twang, Telecasters, droppin’ them gs, & Happy Birthday, Rick Wood!

Otis, mental health, macho head games, & Happy Birthday, Glen Burtnik!

Feeling pissy today.

Happy Birthday, Tom Ryan! Solidarity to OTS allies & SING OUT! ���☮️

Happy Birthday, Steve Dawson, Kathy Greenholdt, & Peter David Case!

Love to Bob Andrews & family and thoughts on Bill Withers.